How to tell if a girl is checking you out at the gym

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First of all, let me appreciate if you’re one of those who works out and takes care of the physical as you do for mental health.Now let’s come down to your question, this is something that both genders like to ask but most of the guys have this curiosity that is if a girl is checking them out in the gym or not. It’s quite simple to figure this out, you just need to observe her properly and by observe I don’t mean observe and not to stock her.

Try considering the below-mentioned activities :

  • Check if she was coming on some other part of the day but now she has changed her timings to your timings.
  • Observe if she smiles at you if you guys have eye contact.
  • See if she tends to do exercises that you are doing so that she can be around you.
  • Notice if she is the one who initiates conversation between you both and also if she appreciates you all the time.
  • Check if her behavior is different from the way she behaves with other guys who hit the gym.

If all the above-mentioned things are happening then its’s high time you need to understand and give her positive or negative response over this because reacting you don’t know anything will be cute for somedays but then you will start seeming to be a Dumb guy whose not interested and you don’t want that to happen right? So go ahead and take the next step.

Be the Bigger the person because you cannot expect her to do everything. She did her part by letting you indirectly that she is interested and now it’s your turn to let her know if you are interested or not.

How to react when you confirm it she’s checking you out?

Females get attracted to guys who are disciplined, regular and Sincere. So please do not act like a creepy desperate guy who was waiting for someone to come. Do not change the way you use to work out and the way you use to be regular because those are one of those factors to which she got attracted. You need to just smile back at her and maybe help her in some exercises if she is asking for it. Do not keep roaming around her skipping your workout because that will only spoil your regularity and also your image in front of her and also other people at the gym.

You just have to be gentle and polite to her responses and reactions because being rude will only make her lose interest. Just be casual, be the way you were but obviously, if you’re interested then you need to make her feel that. You can just casually smile back at her and do things which won’t make you seem to be a desperate guy rather do things which makes you gentlemen.

Being normal or a gentleman will not make your image positive in front of that girl, it will be positive for all the people who are hitting the gym with you which in turn gives you positive vibes from all of them benefiting and balancing your life structure. By positive vibes, I mean that people will get to know what kind of person you are and it’s human phycology that if people around you are positive and happy, automatically you become happy and positive.

So what can be better than walking out of the gym with that sweaty body making you feel that you keeping yourself up in the gym and also confirming that a girl is checking you out?

How to react when you know that she’s not checking you out?

Okay, this can be a little difficult knowing that a girl is checking out other guys at the gym but not you. Most of the people take this negatively and this affects their gym life. I recommend you to take this as a positive motivation and build a physique that not only her but all the other females working out their get attracted to you and according to me, a gym is a place where you go to give some time to your physique not to give or get attention.

I know I might sound like our previous generation but I don’t mean it that way, what am saying it’s okay to mingle well or to like someone at the gym but because of that your routine shouldn’t be affected, the purpose of going to the gym shouldn’t be changed.

But that doesn’t mean that you can not mingle well with people, in fact having good gym mates also benefits your working out skills. What I am saying is let’s serve the purpose with which we are walking down the gym with all the honesty and Integrity. This will benefit you and your physique for which you are working so hard.

What if you are not liking her checking you out?

Change your timings and that’s the most effective way to get out of this. It’s okay to not like someone checking you out and reason can be anything like it’s affecting your focus and concentration which was there before when you use to work out, can be that you are already committed and you don’t want to make the girl feel bad whose checking you out at the gym or you’re just not interested.

You can go directly tell them that you’re not interested and if you don’t want to do that then you can :

  • Change your timings.
  • Ignore them whenever possible.
  • Let them know that you’re already committed.
  • Stay busy at the gym.

So, Ya these can be followed and if you have your own ways to tackle all these better then the ways I am suggesting then go ahead and take those because the bottom line is to get out of this if you’re not liking it and concentrate on working out.

Well if you’re liking it, take things forward!

Be the bigger person, you can not expect her to do everything. She’s has already done half of the things by letting you know Indirectly that she is interested and now it’s your turn. So ya take things forward slowly but only outside the gym because as I told this shouldn’t affect your curriculum. Go talk to her, be a nice man and be friends, get to know each other and then if you both feel it’s right then you can go ahead and start dating.

But taking things forward is also not that easy because things can take a U-turn as well. Don’t be a creep and stare her back in such a way that she is getting uncomfortable instead you can just smile back at her and continue doing what you are doing.

Don’t be always available like for example if you are in a middle of a set and she has come to ask for help then don’t rudely say not or don’t say yes and leave you set in between instead let her know that you will finish your set and then help her.

Don’t keep roaming around her all the time in the gym and make her feel that you are a desperate guy. You can ask her out after the gym and then you guys can have a conversation and you guys can get to each other well. But what am saying is you guys can mingle well in the gym as well but only in terms of working out and nothing else.


So if you have read the above experience that I have shared, you will understand that it is a process. First, you need to figure out that if she is actually checking you out or you’re just assuming things. Then you need to react accordingly, for example, you need to tell her if you’re liking this out or not and if you’re liking it then go ahead and take it forward and if you’re not then let her know and continue doing what you were doing.

The reason why I kept on mentioning that you need to take things forward is that we hit the gym for a purpose so let’s just give justice the purpose and the dedication with which hit those barbels at the gym. Mingling up with people is not a bad thing but not on the verge of sacrificing the purpose with which you are walking to a place. Go ahead and get that physique with some good friends and date only if you know what I mean.

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