How To Make Him Regret Ignoring You(Try This First!)

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Ladies let’s be honest right now, it’s never a good feeling when a guy ignores you and it’s infuriating. Now instead of just sitting down and questioning yourself on why “why he’s ignoring me” take back control and make him regret ever ignoring you. Before you get ahead of yourself, this doesn’t mean you have to be toxic with it but rather how to control the situation and make the most out of it.

You should know that a guy have a way of totally ignoring you and it is so frustrating when it happens. Getting ignored feels so terrible which is why you will get to know how you can make him regret ignoring you.

When you both get into an argument at least there’s going to be some sort of interaction but when he totally ignores you, that’s a different level of frustration and it makes you feel like he doesn’t care about what is going on. It’s not like he’s angry at you or just upset but rather he’s being just neutral and you can’t tell what’s going on entirely and that is even worse and now that you feel like this, you want him to regret making you feel that way and he should feel that same too.

Honestly it’s terrible to feel that kind of way and you wanting him to realize how it all makes you feel is normal because at the end of it all, you are only a human with feelings. Guys try to mask how they are feeling by simply ignoring and that can go on for a long time and you will just be left wondering what’s going on and you won’t get an answer to that.

It is best for you to at least take control of situation and make him realize how he has been behaving towards you and thats when you making him regret ignoring you is the right option to go for right now because if you dont resolve it, its just going to keep on happening. You have the right to feel some kind of way if you notice that you are being ignored and also want to set things straight with him.


This is something you should put into consideration, you should know what you want him to regret for ignoring you. If you are in a situation to not just make him feel bad and then call it quits with him, you should aim at making him learn from ignoring you and how its not very proper in a relationship when you can both talk things out. By doing that you will be able to make him realize that ignoring is unacceptable and hurtful.


When you are in a relationship with someone, theres always going to be moments when both of you wont be on equal grounds and thats totally fine because that way both of you will be able to grow from whatever happened. The only issue is when one person starts ignoring the other because of what happened rather than facing it and being ignored is clearly an unacceptable behavior in any relationship regardless of what happened. Get to know what prompted to start ignoring you and know how you can navigate through it before you conclude on making him regret ignoring you. You would want to know why he ignored, is it something that happened before or not. Although it might be something that happened, ask yourself if it’s something you can both have a conversation on and then move on from it. Knowing what caused the reason for him ignoring you will help you understand the situation better.

Now go through whatever might have happened before you arrive at your own conclusion and for an example it could be any of these;

  • Was he ignoring you because he was driving and didn’t want to reply to messages and calls from you.
  • Was he ignoring because he was out with his friends.
  • Was he busy at the moment and couldn’t get back to you.
  • Was he ignoring because he was upset of something that happened.

Now these are all what you should put into consideration at first before you decide to make him regret ignoring you. These things can be handled without any issues arising and let’s go over them.

  • He was probably ignoring your calls and texts because he was being safe while driving which surprisingly is a good thing, don’t make him feel bad for doing that. However he should try to get in touch with you when he’s no longer driving
  • Now if he was out with friends and then decides to ignore your texts and calls, well you can make him regret that because that’s not right.
  • In some other cases, he might be at work and if he was going to be really busy at home he should inform you about it so that when you call it would look like he’s ignoring you when he’s just caught up with work.
  • There are times that he might be upset and he just needs his own personal space so that he will avoid saying what would make him feel bad later on. Now if you know this then you will understand there’s nothing to worry about and just let him handle how he’s feeling and be there for him when he needs a shoulder to lean on.

With all that being said there are some situations that doesn’t go with any of that and he’s just ignoring you because you both got into an argument and he wants to cloud how he feels by just being neutral so he ends up ignoring you in the process and that’s when you should let him know that’s not a very good thing to do. Now let’s get right into the various ways you can make him regret ignoring you. You shouldn’t be ignored by someone that means a lot to you and you have the full right to set things straight with him.


Let’s get started on why you have been here, how you can make him regret ignoring you. You should know that there are various ways you can do exactly just that and these are things you can easily pull off. Since you really want him to know ignoring you isn’t something he should do but rather talk to you about what is going on, then you might want to pay close attention to all of these.


I know this isn’t something you were expecting but t o make sure he regrets ignoring you, then you have to come front with how you feel because that’s the only way you can get your message across to him and be upfront with it.

Let him know you are both in a relationship and he shouldnt do something like that to someone he claims to love. If he truly loves you, then he will come to see reason with you and then feel bad for what he has done and wouldnt want you to feel that way. He will have to apologize to you for ignoring you and make sure it doesnt occur later on in the future. He has been able to learn from the situation and grow from it.


Now this is not by any chance advising you to ignore him too, you will get to that but not now. What you will simply be doing now is you giving yourself some space from it all. And when you give yourself this space he will then realize how having you around him makes him feel better.

You can take some time to be by yourself and just spend some couple of days with friends. It’s nothing serious but you also need time for yourself. By taking some time not being with him, he will start to appreciate having you around more. The reason you have to do is probably because you told him you don’t enjoy being ignored and when you give yourself some space he will see exactly what you mean.


There’s something everyone learns when it comes to reversing the situation and it brings a different outlook on a situation.

If you have approached him about ignoring you and he still does not see the reason on why he shouldn’t ignore you and it’s a really hurtful thing to do. What you have to do at this point is ask him how he would feel if you were the one ignoring him, let him process the thought of the situation being switched. Make him realize that he would feel bad if he was the one trying to get your attention and you don’t respond. It’s hurtful and eventually he’s going to see what you have been trying to tell him.

There’s no specific someone that can go about ignoring someone else, two can play that game and you don’t want to start doing that.


What you will be doing now is going to be totally different, you are not stopping what you wanted to do but rather you are going to implement it in a different way. For a moment stop worrying about how to make him regret ignoring you and just focus on yourself. This might seem you are drifting away from your motive but you are not actually, because what this will end up doing is going to be exactly what you wanted.

When you start doing what makes you feel better he will notice that and start questioning himself if it was worth it ignoring you. When you start investing in yourself, being more focused on work and just being happy with everything you are doing, he will knock himself back to reality that he should be a play a part of your happiness instead of focusing so hard on ignoring you and that’s when the regrets start crawling inside of him.

Don’t pretend to be happy so that he will bad but instead focus on yourself and be genuinely happy and when he notices you don’t actually need him. He’s going to realize what he has been doing isn’t helpful and the regrets come in to play.


Nothing gets to a guy more than when he sees you don’t care about what is going. It’s easy; just have to stop caring this doesn’t mean you don’t care about him but rather you stopping yourself from caring when he starts ignoring you. Make sure it doesn’t get to you and you are not feeling affected by it.

When he wants you to feel some kind of way by ignoring and when you totally stop caring about that, he’s definitely going to feel that. You deserve much more than a guy trying to ignore you; don’t burden yourself with the thought of him ignoring you so you just have to stop thinking about him. By doing this he’s going to regret how he has been treating you and then try to talk things out with you.


You have to make a final stand and that comes when you draw the line on the whole situation, if he’s acting in a way that you do not approve of and you can’t keep allowing yourself to be treated like that let him know you won’t entertaining a behavior like that and he should be upfront with what he wants, is he going to keep ignoring you or he can just talk to you about what’s going on.

You are in a relationship with him and you don’t deserve to be given a silent treatment. If he’s not matured enough to tell you what’s going then he probably doesn’t want to be with you anymore and you can’t keep dragging it out. Let him realize you can’t keep up with it and you can’t stay with someone who thinks its okay to ignore you.

If he truly cares about you, then he should be come to you about how he’s feeling and talk to you about it. Now if he truly loves you, he’s going to see how he has been in the wrong and instantly regret ignoring you, he will apologize for all what has been going and start making amends.


Relationships work when both parties understand each other and when there’s some sort of negligence from one side that’s not something to overlook. Approach the issue and find ways to learn from the situation and grow from it. Theres no perfect relationship, there are only two people that know what they want and are ready to work for it. If you are being ignored by your significant other, let them know how hurtful it is and you dont deserve to be treated in such a way. Talk things out and find ways to deal with it so it won’t turn out to be an issue later on in the future.

Making him regret ignoring seems like the proper approach to take since he’s not seeing anything wrong with the way he has been acting. Take control of the situation, set things straight with him. He might not want to listen at first but when he sees how serious the situation has gotten he will feel bad for treating you like that and apologize to you.

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