How to know if a girl likes you through texting

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In the older days, the best way to know if a girl likes you is to be with her and look at the way she behaves and even her facial expressions and the tone of her voice. But now, social media and texting have taken over and our interactions with girls have reduced quite a lot. So, the best way to get to know what that girl you met last week or that special crush is thinking is, well, texting! So, how do you find out if she likes you?

Well, the first and foremost thing is the replies. You sent something, but what are you getting back? It shouldn’t just be what you sent but multiple questions back. It also matters very much, the kind of words she uses since we need to know if she has made an effort to reply. Most girls who are interested in the conversation will always follow up with multiple questions and answers.

The biggest drawback of not being able to see someone’s face is that you are now blind to their facial expressions, but there is a way to find out some expressions while texting too. Now, although there aren’t any surefire ways to know, the best and easiest ways we can pick up how someone feels about us while texting is through the words they use, emojis and the content of their questions and replies. Everything important is covered here so you have multiple ways to know and you don’t have to be confused.

A few things to keep in mind before starting

The best way to text someone you don’t know is by meeting them and getting introduced to them first. Then, ideally getting their number since that way she’ll be most comfortable texting you. If you’re far away and can’t meet, then you can go ahead and get introduced, preferably over a social media site like Facebook or Instagram. This is because most people aren’t gonna freak out why a stranger is randomly texting them either on FB or any other social media site for that matter.

And it is specifically for that reason that I do not recommend getting the number of a girl you do not know at all. If you’re texting game is going well over FB or Insta, you’ll get her number yourself probably without even asking.

And, please do not stalk anyone thinking they’re eventually gonna like you, it’s not going to happen and its a total dumb move. You’ll simply look like a dangerous guy and most probably will even totally scare her. Remember, girls love to talk and their favourite topic is gossip and you definitely don’t want to be on the bad side of their conversations, believe me!

The way she replies and what she tells you is crucial

The simplest way to find out if a girl likes you while texting is her reply, its the first thing you see (obviously) and you can fairly decide at that moment what she feels about you. Although, it’s not that simple either unfortunately since every girl is different and what they say partly depends on their mood as well. So, I wouldn’t recommend you make hasty decisions either and continue texting for some time at least. After a considerable exchange of messages, you should have a good idea of whats going on.

Start by sending a simple “Hi” or “Hello”, if the responses you get long include questions, you’re in the green!

A girl who likes you will never send one-line messages unless she’s sad or angry over something. If you’re getting only one-liner, it’s a pretty clear message that she probably isn’t interested. All’s not lost though, you can still get back from such a position. All you have to do is to talk about something she likes and you’ll have a ton of replies in no time.

If she didn’t fall for that either, you can always ask her about her day and you should always get long replies because you’re doing a few things right. Firstly, you’re asking about her, people love talking about themselves. Secondly, there’s nothing longer than a girls day, so you’ll get to hear a ton of things.

Also remember to start only with small sentences like Hi or Hello or How you doing, because long sentences at the beginning make you look desperate. It’s always good to send only one text and wait for the reply, even if it takes forever. This is because sending too many messages also makes you look desperate(duh!).

Pro tip: Ideally you should text her only once and not reply at all until she does. Girls love attention and would die inside if she likes you and you only sent her one message and never looked back. You also look like a cool guy and she would be more interested in you.

Emojis and GIFs! Girls love them, you should too

Well, these days everything is an emoji and as obvious as it seems, girls love emojis (most girls at least) and a girl who likes you will always use a ton of emojis. Even if it does sound confusing, girls love to show how they’re feeling and the best way to do it is by using emojis and the more excited they are, the more emojis they’ll send. There are some girls who hate emojis and probably won’t use them even if they like you so don’t worry.

Most girls love to express themselves all the time and the best ways to do that are emojis and GIFs. So, love them or hate them, they’re your friend when it comes to finding out if she likes you. If a girl likes you, there’s a good chance you’ll get a ton of emojis coming your way. You need to analyze these emojis and Gifs to find out.

Hearts and kisses are what you should be looking for unsurprisingly, but there are others too. Smiling and blushing emojis are also a great plus since it shows that she likes you but not as a friend. Girls rarely send such emojis to people they consider friends. That brings us to the next few emojis which you ideally shouldn’t be getting (getting them once in a while is totally fine).

Emojis like the laughing ones and “the hand signals” mostly suggest she’s looking to be just friends with you and nothing more. So make sure you don’t get them all the time.

Now that she’s probably bombarding you with emojis, doesn’t mean you should do the same. You can send a lot back too but definitely not too much! Keeping it close but lesser than what she’s sending you is the way to go. Sending too little back is also a problem, you need to send at least a few backs. If you’re not someone who likes emojis, sending them only during a part of the conversation where you’re both excited is preferred. Since the rise of GIFs, many girls have started using them too. So, learn how to use them since using them to show your excitement or sadness really really helps (believe me)

It’s not just the text themselves, but their content matters too

You probably sent or even exchanged a ton of messages but you just aren’t able to find out? Pretty confusing right! Even though you sent emojis and probably even got back multiple replies, it’s not that easy. Girls are really complicated and paying good attention to what she sends is very important.

Even what you send back is also crucial to building your conversation. Why build a conversation? You need to find out right! Most girls won’t give out the fact that they like you unless there’s a good flow of texts. An important point to note is that some girls hate emojis and at that point, the content of their texts and the number of replies is pretty much the only way to find out.

You need to have meaningful conversations with her

Texts which contain only answers and simple questions back isn’t a good idea. When you say “Hi” to her at any point of time, pay attention to what her reply is. Is it just a “Hi” back? if it is, that’s bad, you need to have her reply with a “Hi” and a question like “How are you” or even what you’re doing is a good thing.

A girl who likes you will always ask you questions back, the more questions, the better. If you’ve had deep conversations before, remembering what she said and bringing it back up is a brilliant tactic since girls love it when you remember what they said (only the good words though).

So, that’s pretty much what you should be looking for if you’re looking to find out if she likes you or not. Remember, patience and a good conversation flow is very important if you need to find out since this will give you a pretty solid idea of how she feels about you. Also, the more meaningful and deep conversations you have, the more she likes you, so keep an eye out for that.

Finally, don’t look desperate and make sure you look as cool as possible since she isn’t looking at you and if you’re shy or reserved, this is the best idea to follow until you meet her. And please don’t just leave it at texting, go meet her man, nothing beats talking face to face!


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