How to ask your college classmate out

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Asking your college friend out is pretty much like asking anyone else out. Even though asking isn’t all that difficult what happens after can go south in all sorts of ways and you need to make sure you get a yes. So, how do you do it? The obvious thing is to go right ahead and try asking them! It’s that simple. But you just shouldn’t stop there and do a few things in advance so that success is guaranteed.

Now, here’s what you need to do to make the process of approaching your crush and getting a ‘yes’ easy.

  • Since she is your classmate, get along with them in group studies.
  • Always keep yourself approachable, don’t be those introvert types.
  • Look smart and take things lightly.
  • Include them in your class bunks and all the chilling plans, this will help you to get along well.
  • Know them, understand them and listen to them.
  • Don’t be available always and keep yourself busy.
  • Don’t be desperate at all and don’t interfere in their personal space.
  • So doing all these you will know them and when you are sure you know them, go ahead and ask them out.
  • Ask them for a coffee after college hours or ask them out for dinner. You have always been in groups and you asking them for a one to one dinner will give them a hint.
  • Appreciate them on the date, greet them properly and then when you feel it’s the right moment, hit the Buzzer.
  • You can say something like “Having your company these days just lits up my life, can we take this relationship one step forward.”

More on all of this as I explain everything in detail, keep reading!

Getting into their friends group is the first thing to do

This is something that might freak out some of our more reserved friends out there. But hear me out, becoming close friends of their friends gives you absolute advantage than anyone else who is trying on them too (more common than you’d like to believe). Once you are an insider and you ask them out, you’ll have a huge chance of getting a yes.

This is actually because they’re more likely to trust you and wont think of saying no. Even in the worst case scenario they will have to say yes since there’s peer pressure. Most people will also be pretty impressed since you got into their group just to get to them, if they get to know that is.

Now there are some of us who probably dread this idea and might even stop going after that guy/girl you like. If this is you, the best thing you can do is to approach at least one of their friends and hopefully they’ll introduce you to your target and hope that it’ll go on good from there.

This is college and so you’ll have to leave your comfort zone and do the unthinkable. Besides even if they say no to you, you’ve still made a good gang of friends! But if this is something that you would rather die than doing, you can try the other steps and hope for a good outcome.

Spend time and be there for them, but not always

Be it guy or girl, everyone prefers to date or even go out with someone who is there for them at every moment of need. Now granted that this does come with its own caveats, its still a great thing to do. Spending time with the person you like would increase their chance of saying yes a great deal. This also means you can get to know each other very well and even bond very well.

This is important because things like this change your perspective of a person a lot and it might even get you to reconsider. There are also chances that this might even be the partner you’re looking for and a college romance story is definitely a big deal. I know you’re probably only thinking about a date but anything can happen.

Pro tip: If group studies are not possible and they don’t usually hang out, going on short trips as a group is a great idea

As I mentioned in the beginning, group studies should be your go to option if you need to spend time. If you guys aren’t in the same or similar class, then you can just try hanging out with them casually. Now if you’ve gotten into their friends group this would be a piece of cake. Spending time with time with them is good and all but it can also backfire pretty easily.

Its very important that you’re only there with them when they need you the most and not all the time. Being with them all day and everyday is definitely going to get you into the friend-zone (or even the bro-zone if you’re unlucky). Its highly imperative that you say no occasionally as well. This would let them know that you like them, but not just as a friend.

You gotta look good and you gotta talk good and be good at something

I know that this is a bit cruel, but the world is a cruel place and so are the people around you sadly. If you need the best guy/girl in town (or college) you need to look like you’re serious. The person you’re looking to ask out might be a good soul but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do this. Looking great is pretty much a trump card and if you’re confident enough, you’ll have anyone you want. So, ditch those old jeans and tees you’ve been wearing for days now and get some good pairs.

If you have a friend who knows a thing or two about fashion, get them to help. First impressions of someone last a long time with us and that’s what we’re going for here. If you’re broke and can’t buy anything new, just improvise with what you’ve got, and that’s exactly what I did. You just need to pair them up right and you’re good to go.

Whatever you do, always be yourself, anybody who likes you for who you are, won’t care about anything else

Apart from just looking good and talking well, you also need to groom yourself. You can’t go around looking like a bear or an old hag or something. Your looks will help you stand out from the crowd and will help them notice you a little more. This is also something you should try if you’re not part of their group. But I would suggest not going too far with this, since it can destroy the real you.

However good you look, its just who you are on the surface and they need to know about that as well and hinting about such things can be of great help to yourself. Unless its absolutely necessary, please do not even think of wearing your friends clothes. They’re gonna see your friends wearing it too and you will look cheap. Its also important to save a good pair of clothes for the date since that’s when it really matters.

Stand out from the crowd!

This is something that is totally obvious, but most people completely forget about it. If the person you like shouldn’t give much thought about going out with you, then this is it. You need to stand out from everyone else so that they will notice you. The best way to do this is to be goof at something and I mean really good. If you’re favorite game is a sport, then go for it, become a pro!

This is the best way to get their attention and boy you would’ve gotten all of it! Guys and girls who do sports are totally super attractive. if you’re not into sports, then be good at something else, anything is fine as long as you get them to look your way. This also means you don’t make a complete fool of yourself trying to stand out.

Extensively following the previous step can also make you stand out well. People who dress great and confident people are usually pretty famous, trust me its true. But, if you’re a total nerd and you feel that you’re good at nothing, there’s still hope, don’t worry. But I don’t believe it, everybody is good at something, you just need to find your special talent. These days even hackers are getting girls, so anything can happen. Its also important to note that you wouldn’t have to look far to find that special thing inside of you. Just look inside of you, whatever you love to do all the time and whatever makes you feel awesome is your special talent. Not going to say much on this though, I’d leave finding your talent to yourself.

Final words…

Now that you know what you need to do, what are you waiting for go get them! Even if one of them says no after all you did, they probably ain’t worth it. Just let them go, there’s always someone else.Even in college where it might feel like everyone’s in a relationship, you can always find someone else.

Just remember, you need to make good friends, be confident, dress well and well, enjoy your time here. College life is meant to be enjoyed, just don’t get to serious trying to woo someone. If I did miss something or God forbid, if I did get something wrong, put em in the comments below!


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