How to ask your best friend on a date

ask your best friend on a date
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It may seem like an impossible feat to ask out your best friend on a date, but there’s nothing that says it can’t be done. This is probably the most difficult thing since it’s not any random person you’re going to confess to but your best friend and the best time to do it is right now.

This is something you’ve had in mind for quite some time and just needed a little push, or you’re confused and need the right guidance for this, Fret not my friend! I’ve got the most important things you need to follow right below.

  • Change the dynamic of how you interact with them
  • Give them more importance so they can notice the difference in behavior
  • Spice things up with some flirting
  • Spend more time with them and honestly tell them about your feelings
  • Be genuine and ask them if they would like to go on a date with you
  • Give them time to think about it
  • If it’s a Yes, take them to some romantic place or a movie date

There’s a lot to be covered on asking your best friend on a possible date, read on to find out more!

Why a relationship with your best friend is a great idea!

  • You guys are best friends! What’s a bigger reason than this, you basically know each other in and out and there’s practically no secret between you guys (they probably even knows that you have moles on each butt cheek and has probably even seen you naked!). The thing is there’s no embarrassing thing to hide or to reveal. You guys would have even grown up together and that takes away most of the difficulties of adjusting to each other’s lives.
  • Your friends are their friends, you don’t have to meet anyone new, you both probably are in the same gang of friends and that makes things much easier, there are no awkward meetings involved and you don’t have to ditch your original gang just to hang out with your them which is pretty much a godsend given how much the guys and girls would hate you hanging out with them.
  • Even your parents know them and their parents know you! Being one of the most difficult things in a relationship, this grueling process is basically done for you. Your parents might even like them and vice versa so nothing to worry there too.
  • Getting intimate isn’t going to be all that difficult for you guys since you guys are already friends and just need to cross over to the other side. Trust me, this will be difficult at first but it’s going to be one of the most amazing things about your relationship. You already have an awesome relationship as best friends, imagine taking that to the next level. Simply put, it’s going to be awesome!
  • You really won’t need anyone else in your life since your relationship is most probably going to be perfect and long-lasting and you already have two of the most important things for love to work, Trust and Understanding. If you do know any old couple, check with them, they were probably best friends too.
  • Even in the worst-case scenario that they don’t like you the same way you do, there’s a good chance they might even forgive you and it might even make your friendship stronger provided you follow the things I’ve mentioned above.

Being Calm and Confident

Being calm when you’re telling them about your feelings is extremely important since it can make a world of difference in the outcome of your conversation and if you panic, there’s a good chance you might end up doing or saying something stupid and it might even ruin the whole experience for the both of you.

You also need to be confident about what you say. Fumbling and choking aren’t exactly the ways your friend wants to hear you talk about how you feel about them and if you are already friend-zoned(God bless your soul) then you need to be confident about making your feelings known or the only things you’re going to hear are an “Aww… That’s so cute” which would pretty much break your heart.

Being confident if you’re somewhere in the friendzone is also a great way to get out of it since it would show them that you’re not just playing games or making jokes.

Flirting with them

Yup! It’s exactly what I mean, and it’s one of the best ways to give them a hint about the change in the way you see and feel about them. Once you start flirting with your friend and they like it, you can pretty much get the idea that you’re interests are aligned and even if they don’t, don’t worry they’ll get the point once you confess your feelings to them.

But, if they don’t like what you’re doing at all, it’s time to take a step back and think about your whole plan. Definitely, don’t overdo it since things can go bad pretty fast as well, you should also be patient and make sure they’re comfortable too.

Taking them on a date

Taking them on a date is going to change things big time for you and it’s going to be the best feelings of your life.

You can either choose a place that either of you loves, or you can completely surprise them by taking them somewhere new to mark your new beginnings. A place where something romantic has happened might be a great choice since that would also come to their mind. Just make sure they have a good time with you.

The place is completely dependent on you and how you guys are as friends. Even setting up something romantic in your house when no one’s there would also make a great impression.

Be ready for everything

Be ready for anything, because the moment you tell your feelings to them anything can happen since they probably never thought about it or they might even feel devastated that they couldn’t just be friends( which is extremely rare, don’t worry) with you or this might be the things that they were waiting to hear and would accept you with open arms!

Whatever the reaction is going to be you got yourself into this so be ready at any cost. Telling them isn’t easy and handling their reactions aren’t going to be either and the only thing you can do is to be ready for whatever happens. The previous tips are definitely a helper so they aren’t completely clueless about your feelings.

Tell them how you feel

In the end, whatever you do or hint might help you with getting the idea onto their mind but that’s all it’s going to do, just give them a hint or a vague idea in their mind that your feelings for them are more than that of a friend and something more. This is where all the previous steps get together and help you.

Be yourself and tell it to them the way you want it to and be ready for the results and for God’s sake, please tell it to their face to face and whatever happens, do not text or call them to tell it.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting for the perfect time and risk missing your chance since if you do you’ll have to live for the rest of your life not knowing what was in their mind and believe me, It’s going to feel terrible and will nag you every step of your life.

Should you be risking the friendship

If you’re wondering why it’s so important to follow these steps, this is your best friend we’re talking about and not some other person and losing them is going to make a huge dent in your life so be very careful before you take the plunge.

Making a huge mistake and then losing your best friend is going to be a disaster and assuming both of you are part of the same group of friends, it’ll make life hell for them too and pretty much will split your group too. Think twice, heck! Think a thousand times before deciding if you want to go ahead.

Even if things do go south, don’t worry, just be calm and they’ll not panic either, and even if it is going to be some time before they talk to you or even for things to go back to the way they were. Remember, time heals all wounds and this is no different.

If you do it once and it fails don’t risk trying it again on them since that would only put you guys further that you already are. Maybe it’s best for both of you to remain friends.

It’s also a definite no if they’re already in a relationship (this is pretty obvious but letting you know just in case). Even if they might have second thoughts about their current relationship, they need more as a caring friend than a person hitting on them.

Even after a breakup, give them time to heal and make amends with the facts. Being their friend at such a time might even give them a great reason to consider being in a relationship with you.

If you feel that nothing is working out and you also feel that this is the only one you want to be with, give it time and they will find your love and will be yours.

That’s all folks, hope you succeed and have a great relationship together!

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