How to ask out a friend in college

ask out a girl in college
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This is something that every college student having a crush on someone would want to know. It’s a straightforward, clear question having a thousand complex answers. So, here’s how you ask out a friend in college!

  • They are your friends, so be very casual, or they might get scared if you sound too serious.
  • Start hanging out in informal groups.
  • Avoid being Desperate.
  • Never be overconfident.
  • Know their schedules so that your date timings are precise.
  • Keep it simple and real.
  • Be very genuine.
  • If they are free, ask them for a coffee or anything of your choice.
  • Ask out phrase can be like “Hey! Its been a rough day at college, let’s catch up in the evening for a coffee over a conversation!”

In this case, where you want to ask out a friend, you actually have an advantage. As they are your friends, you know what they like and what they don’t so you can use that to your advantage and include that in your asking out plan. Like for example if your friend likes beer, then you can ask them out for a conversation over a beer and take things further.

Also, keep one thing very clear in your mind that asking out someone cannot always result in your favor so always keep your mindset neutral so that the rejections don’t affect your life. So as I always suggest, keep it very simple.

Should I be dating my friend

This is the question that every friend gets before asking out their friend. They keep searching for answers here and there instead of asking themselves. They are your friends, you know them better than any stranger out there. Go ahead and ask yourself, analyze your bond with them, see the equation you share with that friend, and then decide.

If the friend you want to ask out is already dating someone else or seeing someone else already, then you make an attempt or approach at that particular situation will not make any sense. At that moment you need to understand that they already like someone else and it’s okay not to get whatever you want every single time.

And if they are giving you hints like spending most of the time with you, and you know that they have something for you. Then it’s time for you to hit the buzzer. Go ahead and take them out on a date and communicate it out; communication and understanding is everything in a relationship whether it’s Love or Friendship.

Different ways for different Genders

It’s different when it’s a guy

A guy always likes a girl walking up to him confidently and disclosing openly what she feels about him. It’s just that being a girl, you need to know what to say and when to speak. Because despite your feelings being genuine about your crush, you need always to remember that there are many more who can put up their feelings in a better way.

Guys like it a bit casual and not too intense in the first shot. For example, ask them casually for a movie, beer, or things he wants to do. Try taking things a bit slow and trust me things will go your way if he is interested.

So let’s not delay this. You need to be confident and ask him. Be sure and genuine about what you feel about him. Rest leave it on him, it’s not always you who can take the blame. You need to be right at your point, and that’s all because if he is not interested then no matter what you do, he would only like to approach someone with whom he shares a right equation with.

The girls are no less

There are different kinds of people all over this globe and when it comes to a female, asking out ideas shares the same base as it’s for a guy because, in the end, we all are humans. But girls like things to be kept neat, in order, disciplined and things like this.

So if you try keeping some of these in your mind, trust me, it’ll help. Like, for example, ask her if she’s free before asking her out and then plan up the date well. Be on time on your date, and pull out the chair, listen to what she is saying and things like these make you a gentleman and also a likable personality. Also never be too desperate & overconfident as well because that will only make you arrogant and will portray you as a show-off that will never help you anywhere in life and not alone in this case.

Confused? Thinking what will make you sound overconfident and what will make you seem desperate?No worries! I will try answering them and try making things quite clear in your mind.

Overconfidence might spill your Cup of Coffee you are going for!

Overconfidence is something that if you don’t show it still the person who is sitting next to you will get to know it. This basically makes the person feel that you have judged them, and you have already decided that you are the right person for them.

This makes you sound arrogant, like for example if your date compliments you “You’re looking good today.” and you are replying like “Ah! I know right” will very clearly spoil your impression. You can be gentle like “Thank you so much, you look amazing as well.” So the game here is, Be very down to earth and be in your limits because overdoing anything will only spoil things.

Like you need to do something how much ever it’s needed. For example, if you’re complimenting your date like “Red suits you well, you look pretty” is decent and she will like it but something like ” Your curves are amazingly adorable”, here this comment will only make the girl uncomfortable, and nothing else and here since the date is your friend you know what kind if of comments they like so take advantage of that.

A friend is a person who will understand you so do not make them feel that you feel it’s too easy for you to get them, everyone appreciates the effort, so you go ahead and make one.

Being desperate can get your crush crushed

College friend, right? So keep it simple and casual. Hangout after classes or during your break time, do not buzz around your crush all the time. If they call you for any plans, please do not cancel your plans all the time and go with them because this will only make them feel that your available all the time. Do not keep calling and texting them because personal space is one of the essential things for an individual.

Have your own identity and self-respect. Do not agree to whatever they say irrespective of that being right or wrong; share your personal opinion as well. So basically all these things will make you a good human and also increase your likability factor. Do not overthink because overthinking does spoil things most of the time as you are thinking about things that are nowhere related and which are nowhere happening. Keeping it simple will increase the compatibility and understanding factors, and things will start going your way.

Rejection might hit you hard

Since you were sharing a friendship bond and now things have gone awkward after you shared what you feel for them and they couldn’t digest it. You need to relax and give them their space, and you take your personal space as well. Time heals everything so you need to have patience and let things be as they are because taking a wrong step here can spoil your friendship as well, and that will be a big blow.

So leave it the way it is, with time things will get healthy. It might take time more than expected but yes things will be fine.

Conclusions always make it simple

Do not make yourself upset, thinking about what’s going to happen next. Friends are there to understand, and if you feel for them, then they will definitely understand you. You need to just plan up things and just be confident and walk up to them. I know some of you have this question in mind that this risk should be taken or not. I can only tell you one thing, if you feel genuinely for them then every risk is worth taking. All the best and I know you will walk up confidently with all the positive vibes.

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