How to ask a random girl out (10 Steps that Work Every Time)

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You see a random girl out somewhere and start wondering how do you get to know her but you can’t since you have no idea what to talk about or how do you even start a conversation with her. It’s not as difficult as some would have you think, and I’m going to teach you how to do that.

This is how you approach a random girl, start a conversation and then ask her out.

  • You approach the girl and say “Hey, I just wanted to say you look really pretty.” Look into her eyes while approaching, keep smiling and be confident.
  • Say what you see, get her talking by making assumptions like ” What I noticed about you is that you look very creative, I think you’re an Engineer”. It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong, she’ll reply with an answer eventually.
  • Take the topic what she just said and run with it. She would either reply with a ‘Yes’ or comes up with whatever she does for a living. 
  • Come up with a short flirty story about it to get her contributing and play along with a flow of banter.
  • It can be like “My friend is an Engineer too and he says you guys look very professional and hard-working, but when nobody is looking, you’re swiping on Tinder or taking selfies. He said when a group of you goes out; then it’s complete madness.”
  • The whole point is to get the girl to contribute and playing along. Once she’s hooked, start asking her questions like “What do you do for fun?”
  • Tell her about yourself, so she knows you’re a real man and just not flirting with her.
  • Once you run out of questions, it’s time to end the interaction. There’s no need to spoil the conversation by asking annoying questions now.
  • Tell her, “I need to go now, but I would definitely want to hang out sometime. You seem very interesting.”
  • Pull your phone out and get her number
  • Or let it be an instant date, tell her “Listen, I got another 10 minutes. I was on my way to grab some coffee, come join me!”

To find out more about these provided steps and how they won’t ever fail you, read on for more!

Things to keep in mind before approaching

While approaching a girl, it’s mandatory for the men to get nervous. You’re not alone, my friend; it’s a problem with all-male species. Whenever you approach a girl (especially if one is a random and pretty), you might sweat, stutter a lot or even your brain might freeze at some moment. You need to make sure that this does not happen. The only person who can fix this is you. You need to start interacting with random people to make sure that anxiety doesn’t hit you while approaching.

Just make sure that before approaching that random girl, you are well prepared with the lines to start with ( the ones I provided) or whatever you’re comfortable with, which should be done confidently. Look into her eyes while interacting, make sure to smile while talking, speak slowly without raising your pitch, and that should be it.

Make sure you stop the girl first and then start talking. You do not want a conversation while walking with her, so make sure you stop her first. Do not startle her by getting too close; make sure not to have a serious face or speak too quickly. Make sure to keep such things in mind and make the approach respectfully.

It’s better to have a plan first before approaching other than going without a plan. Making a plan is way better than not having one. This makes sure what would you speak first, then continue the conversation with some bantering which eventually makes her smile. You know you’re doing things correctly if the girl smiles. Later asking her open questions when she gets comfortable, then finally getting her number and asking her out after some time. You may even ask her out just at the spot, like taking her to a coffee spot if you made the approach like a pro.

Do not fear the crowd

There’s a possibility that you might fear the crowd while approaching the girl. You may even feel if it is right to talk to a girl randomly or how will the people around her react to your approach. At a certain point, you might not even go for the approach since you don’t know the person and fear the crowd. Also, I had the same thoughts like yours, and I was too scared to talk to anyone in front of so many random strangers. I felt like if something went wrong or if the girl was offended, how will people react to this? Will they fight me?

But nothing much ever happened instead things were favouring me a lot. It was just my fear that kept on threatening me about the consequences that may occur. It was my erroneous assumptions that stopped me from asking someone randomly out.

What actually happened was the opposite, when I approached her; no one around us seemed even to bother what was going. They didn’t even care to give a look at least; instead, they minded their own business. It was just me and her talking, no one to interrupt and neither she felt offended or was scared. It was a smooth conversation where she kept describing herself, and I didn’t miss a chance to banter her and then she burst into laughter.

It’s now or never, do not make excuses!

There were several times where I stopped myself from giving a try. It was not that I didn’t want to talk to her, but it was my fear of talking to girls. I had to overcome this, no matter what happened. Think of this once; there is a girl standing next to you, you like her, she gave you an eye contact; maybe even she likes you, but it’s just that you are frightened about further consequence, how would she react to this? Or will she even slap you for talking? And you don’t talk to her.

You start making excuses that she looks a little fat or you didn’t like her nose, and you reject her based on such stupid reasons. You might even not see her ever again in the future, and this was your last chance, but you didn’t have the guts to talk to her and ask her out.

Giving excuses makes us feel better, but only for that specific amount of time. Once the time has passed, you start thinking why did you make that decision, why didn’t you go for it but it’s of no use as the goal is no longer within your reach.

Taking chances will only help you accomplish your dreams. So the next time you see a random girl, go ahead and talk to her rather than making excuses. She might even reject your approval, but you will feel better that you at least tried and didn’t give up.

Things to ask after approaching and not make in awkward

Once you have approached the girl, the apparent mistakes guys make is they start asking questions to the girl. You are not here to take her interview; she might get freaked out by this since you don’t even know her and asking direct questions to her isn’t the best choice. This would make her feel bored, and if that happens, the very next moment, she will run away from you.

What you can do is, talk about the first thing you notice about her. If she has short hairs, you can say like ” I love you hairs” or if she looks fit, “You look very fit, are you off to the gym now?“. You want to make sure that you have an excellent tonality here, whatever you say to her, say with passion and be certain every time. Continue the conversation further and make sure you hear her correctly. You have to take that one topic that she said just now and continue with it. You won’t run out of questions here and even won’t bore her since you’re talking about her life or her interests.

Once she’s hooked, (when she starts asking questions and you know that she is attracted to you), you can then ask her questions like ” What she does for fun” and get to know her more. Don’t forget to tell her some things about you too. You’re not just flirting with her; you’re the real man here. Let her know your likes and dislikes, find things which you two have in common and more the conversation even more enjoyable.

Once you’re done with your never-ending questions, let her know once more why you had stopped her and your plans. It’s time to get her number now and close the conversation firmly. If you feel that you can take her on a date right away, just do it! Ask her for a coffee date instantly.

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