How to ask a guy out for coffee

ask a guy out for coffee
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Asking a man out for coffee might sound sort of a simple, but in today’s world, a lot of guys have also become exclusive and are also being looked at by a lot of women. So, unless you’re someone famous or someone he likes, you’ll have to put in some work to get him to go out with you.

With guys getting more cooler and stylish, they sometimes have multiple girls wanting to go out with them. You’ll have to stand out from the crowd to make this possible and might even have to go the extra mile to get him!

Just walk up to the guy confidently and ask him if he has any plans on the day when you are planning to have coffee. Asking him about his plans makes you sound gentle. Just be casual when you are asking and not too intense because nobody will like it intense at the very first meet. You can say like “Hey! Let’s catch up for a coffee tomorrow ” or “Would you mind a chit-chat over some Coffee

Sounds scary? Don’t worry it’s not that difficult either and if you follow our amazing guide, you’ll have him sipping that hot cup of coffee with you in no time! While being confident, looking good and even some flirting will help you, this guide shows you what to do, how to do it and how to look cool while doing it all! Just beware not all of your encounters will go well and we’ve included the steps to follow at that moment and how to not reach that dreaded place too.

Although it’s just a simple coffee, we want to make sure you get to go out along with any guy you want to. So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in!

First things first – make sure to keep things casual at least in the beginning.

Nobody likes a desperate woman and being overly weird and desperate for something as simple as coffee is going to make any guy run away from you. If you’re meeting him for the first time or if you’ve known each for only a short time, being casual is the best way to get him to accept your invitation for coffee would be to be casual enough.

Also, make sure to keep the conversations light since you don’t have to stray too deep into the things that he says and you’ll also need to keep something to talk about during the actual coffee time. Being casual is a great idea if things don’t go as planned between you guys and you can brush it off without it impacting much of your life. If you’re also someone who’s thinking to go around with multiple guys, then this tip is of paramount importance.

Speaking from personal experience, I’d take a casual girl any day since they’re super chill, easy to handle and if it didn’t go well, there’s no fallout, since its just a simple day out and has to be only that, you don’t have to make anything else and it’ll be all good and besides, even if everything goes well and you guys want to take it seriously then there’s still a ton of time for that left and he’s not gonna go anywhere.

If you do get to go out with anyone special you’ve been meaning to go out with for a long time, you can still try this card initially and see what the other side is feeling. Remember, not every person you meet is gonna be that special guy, so just chill, take it easy and enjoy the moment and most definitely be casual!

Don’t hesitate, just go ahead and ask him.

I know what some of you be thinking why this is even a tip to be followed, but it is, especially for the shy and reserved ladies of the group, we’re thinking about you and this is a tip you can keep in mind if you’re hesitating. Just keep this in mind, it’s just coffee and not a date (well it can be, but let’s just keep it at coffee for now) and believe me, guys love a girl who asks first and you can definitely be the one to take the first step.

All of your fears will pretty much only last those few seconds before you ask him, after that you’re pretty much “Miss confident” because 99% of the time it’s gonna be a yes, and besides and I can’t stress this enough it’s just coffee and nothing else so don’t be stressed or tensed, just being calm, confident is more than enough.

I know things can be more difficult if this is someone who you’ve had a crush on or if its someone special, but you can see this as a chance to get to know him better and also to see if he’s actually looking and if he is, then this could also be your chance, but as mentioned in the previous section, you need to be a little casual too.

Taking him out is pretty easy if you’re already friends, but if you’re meeting for the first time or if you don’t know him very well, using ice breakers to begin the conversation is a good idea or you could also crack some good jokes around him which in itself is an ice breaker so that’s that. But if you’re not good with jokes or if ice breakers and a slow start don’t seem like it’s for you, my best suggestion would be to just wing it and go ask him directly and who knows, maybe he’ll appreciate that raw confidence of yours and would say yes!

Get to know his preferences and what he likes

This is something that can make or break your experience since it’s important to know what he likes too and you need to do this. If everything did go well once asked, you can also bring this up in the same discussion. Now, most guys would ask you to decide and will tell you they have no preference but you can press around a little.

Once you do press him, he should tell you his preferences, but if he doesn’t and is still reluctant, a good tip would be to ask him like its a tip and let him know that you’re unsure too, this is bound to give you the answer or at least a good hint. If he isn’t budging at all, then don’t force him either.

Asking this is important because going to a place both of you like and would enjoy would make a good connection between you guys and can even ensure that the time you spend together is worth it. On the other hand, if you don’t ask him at all and unfortunately you end up going to a place he hates, you’ll have a really really bad time and he probably won’t ever talk to you again.

Also, a great strategy also includes finding out what he likes too and not just the place. At the end you should make sure to find a place and beverage that the both are comfortable with since it shouldn’t be as if you’re the only one compromising everything just so that he feels comfortable and this is crucial since its the both of you who would be going and so it’ll still be a bad time if you don’t like it either, so now you know what to do to find a place and how to find one too but here’s a quick tip from me – Don’t go to any of the usual places, choose somewhere unique, somewhere he hasn’t been before but one he would like and it should be one hell of a coffee.

Making sure that you look good is critical!

Now I know that I’m speaking to the women of the crowd and probably don’t even need to add this in here but it is super important for you to dress and look good cause that’s pretty much the first impression you’re showing him. Now that I’ve said that it definitely doesn’t mean you go crazy and overdo it.

Looking simple and elegant is the way to go but definitely go for something that you’re comfortable in since it’s not gonna be a good coffee time if you wear something just to impress him but you end up being uncomfortable the whole time. So, even if you feel that look great in a tee and jeans, Go for it!

If you’re someone who naturally dresses good, then you don’t even need to fret (I know you skipped this part) since this is will be a piece of cake for you, but if you’re not that someone than looking up some tips online can help or you could just ask your friend too.

It didn’t work out? Not to panic, there’s always a solution

Prior to go around dreaming about your time together, remember that this is real life and things don’t always go as planned. So, be ready for a no because not everybody is going to say yes to you. If this does happen to you (Don’t worry, we’re praying for you it won’t!) the best thing to do is to be calm and to not go into a frenzy or go into depression, just like I’ve been telling you from the start – “It’s just coffee” and not the end of the world.

A good thing to do here is to ignore that he said no and move on. Additionally, you can also ask him why he said no but tread lightly on that question though. Meanwhile, if things don’t work out too you don’t have to be worried as well, its not always sunshine and rainbows either.

Maybe he wasn’t the guy for you, maybe it was a place you or him expected to like but didn’t, maybe either of you was having a bad day but decided to meet up anyways (best thing to do is cancel). All you have to do at this point is to leave it behind you and move one, there’s always someone else who might even end up being better for you. I know that it’s especially hard if the guy is that special someone but here, you have no other choice than just stepping back for now and probably trying again later.

I know all of what I said might make you feel like its too complex or that you need to do a lot of work to accomplish this, but in reality, a little confidence and following what I told you to the last letter might get you the guy with fair success. Then again you don’t have to follow everything I tell you either, just go through everything once and choose what you need and drop what you don’t, it’s that easy!.

This may besomething you’ve read multiple times now, but please do not compromise on anything to make him to come for coffee, again, its just coffee! Be who you are, look good and speak good and you’re good to go! BTW, if you do feel I missed something, just drop it down in the comments and help your fellow coffee goers!


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