7 Obvious Signs He Likes You (List of most popular)

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You
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Hey Fellas! You want to know if he likes you or not right? Let’s first discuss why it is important to know if he is giving you signs or not. Let me come to a practical approach, suppose you don’t have any idea about how this works and you are a total newbie in grabbing the signs he is giving.

Randomly one day you approach him assuming some action that was made in past and now you think that was a sign and you go ahead and approach him with the same. That guy has no idea that you have assumed some random stuff and now you look like a complete Idiot.

Awww, you already did that and feeling bad for it, it’s okay champ. I’m here to help, trust me I have a friend and she wanted to know if her crush liked her or not and I was there for rescue.

Based on my personal experience I guided her and told her about the signs and she grabbed all of them and now they are in a relationship. 

So, am not saying that the signs I am going to discuss with you will be the same but I can make sure that all of them will have some relation. Me being a guy can tell you precisely the signs we give to make you understand that we are interested in you.

Shall we begin? Again am not saying that this will get the guy in your arms the very next day but will help you get some positive response from the guy. So let’s cut the crap and get started with the real damn thing, Shall we?

1. He is caring for you more than he cares for his other casual friends

All the girls out there, be very clear with one thing, If he cares for you then you mean something to him. Guys have this habit of pampering girls who they feel are close to them, Like for example, you go home after the party, is he calling you and asking if you have reached home?

Because that’s special and you should know it because the reaction to that question could be a very clear indication for the guy if you are interested or not.

So let us keep it simple, do not fall back in noticing if the guy whom you are feeling for is taking care of you more than he cares for his other casual friend because that could be one obvious sign that he likes you.

2. He is casual with you

Now, you know how he talks to his other friends right, you have to build up this simple but important power of noticing his behavior towards you and understand how is his behavior towards you. Why I am saying this is because.

If he is all casual with you talking normally treating you like his other female friends then your reaction should be “Dayum, I am friend-zoned”, Yes that’s correct, friend-zoned means that he takes you as a normal friend and not as a special person.

We guys never treat our girlfriends and other female friends the same and as I mentioned you need to build the power to gauge and judge according to the conditions if he is actually handling you in a different but special manner.

Confused, how to figure this out? Let me give you an example. Let us again take the example of a party, I am sorry I am a partyholic and that’s all I can think about. So you are at a party with his other female friends and he comes up and offers food or drinks or whatever it may be.

Now your brain should notice if he is offering you in the same way he is offering to other female friends or is he dealing with you in a better manner. Notice it and react and it helps, trust me.

3. Sharing problems with you

Guys don’t share their problems easily with everyone because they want to solve everything on their own but when you walk up to them and they start telling you his problems and sharing stuff with you he doesn’t share with anyone else then yes ma’am he likes you and he wants you to be a part of his decisions.

This sign is special as compared to the above mentioned because when a guy starts doing this, trust me you mean something to him and that is the reason he thinks that you are the right person who will be able to understand you.

Again let me sort this one out for as simply as I can, this time let’s assume you guys are sitting together and there is no one around and now you are in a deep conversation wherein he starts talking about his family. Assume he is saying that his mom is not keeping well and there are financial issues at his place and he is figuring out how to support his family.

You know what, just hug him and make him believe that you are there for him and just make him feel comfortable and the guy is yours. We guys don’t get the emotional support much apart from our mom and that is a reason why this is a special feeling for us.

4. He is calling you and texting you on a regular basis

When it comes to texting guys are pretty lazy about this and when he is texting you on a regular basis, you better know he wants to talk. Now when I say that texting on a regular basis does not mean he is texting you day and night. By regular basis I mean you guys know throughout the day what is the opposite person doing or how the opposite person’s day was?

And you, on the other hand, all excited as your crush is texting you will start texting them day and night and I mentioned that the guys are lazy and you texting them day and night will annoy them more and make you seem desperate. So ya don’t be too casual or don’t be too much.

On the other hand, calls work the same way texting works for guys. They speak hardly for 15 – 20 minutes approx. So yes if he calling you and talking to you for hours, then he is into you. So texting and calling is one of the most important sings that he likes you. 

5. He is including you in his plans

If your crush likes you then he will try to meet you by some or the other reason because this initial phase for men is very exciting for them as there is a person who likes them and they want to get to know the person more.

So by meeting you by some or the other reason I meant that they will try to make plans with their friends and include you as well to show you that it’s just a casual meeting but all they want to do is meet you and spend time with you.

To win this situation, don’t act too excited and be normal with him but show that you are glad that he called you and that’s what will make him invite you again. By including plans I don’t mean only plans with friends, it also means that the guy can invite you to places to meet his family and that can be a family function or maybe for a dinner and trust me that’s the best place to win a guy’s heart.

By coming to his place and meeting his family because now his family knows you and he will be more comfortable with you. Too much to understand right? Like you and me always do, let us take a situation and try to get this thing understood practically.

For example, he has his mom and dad anniversary and he has invited you to be there. So now there you should not feel weird and act as if this is all awkward and rather you should make him feel that you glad that he is making you feel important and also show him the same.

Once you visit his place, you can be all normal and trust me if everything goes well, from next day you will be counting stars. Things will start going your way, so if you are thinking that refusing your crushes plan will help you then I am sorry dear but soon you will see someone else visiting their place. Including in family or friend’s plan can be a really important sign that he likes you.

6. He has started being protective and possessive for you

Well, guys love to protect their girls and show the girls that they are with the right guy and no matter what happens he will stand right next to you and take stand for you. So here, please do not get all tensed and start overthinking that the guy is changing. This is natural for all men, they tend to protect their queen and all the loved ones all the time. I am not telling you to create a cinematic scenario here and act all weird.

Please be normal and appreciate the guy for what he is doing. Being expressive with a guy helps because they tend to act accordingly as they know what you think and what is going on in your mind.

Need an example right, I am at your service. Suppose you are sitting with all your friends and someone just for fun cracks a bit offensive joke on you and he understands and tells other people not to crack such jokes.

Here you can either act like a stupid girl by telling people that it’s okay you don’t mind nullifying your crush’s statement or you can keep quiet and later thank the guy to be on your side and speaking for you because that will make the guy happy and make him feel that you notice him too. Observing this can be a sign that he likes you.

7. He is trying to please you all the time

Pleasing is not always showing that you want something in return, Pleasing can also mean how much you mean to them and how important you are to them. So here there is no need to get all psyched out and think why is he doing all this. Very simple lady, he likes you, and he doing this to show you how important you are to them.

In this process there are chances he could look a bit cheesy and that is the time where you will start judging him and let me tell you, you should not because no one is perfect and in the attempt of pleasing you, he might do something unintentionally that for you is cheesy. Come on girls that’s cute and not cheesy.

Let us assume you are not well and he is around you, he is getting medicines for you, giving you all you need, and helping you in every way possible. Well here you may thing how available he is and that’s right but divert this thought in a positive direction because he is making himself available for you and that is sweet. Your reactions talk here so please be very careful as this can be again a major sign that he likes you.

Let’s bring this down to a very simple approach

You like a guy and he likes you but you are not sure about it and that’s why you are here reading this article right. All you need to do is keep your calm and understand the signs I mentioned and figure out how to make the guy feel that you love the way he treats you.

As a male myself I can tell you one thing for sure, be there with him and try to understand his way of treating you and he will be always there by your side.

Don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below if you get committed to him.

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