15 Unexpected Things Guys Like In Bed But Won’t Ask For

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When it comes down to guys there are a lot of things guys like in bed but they will never ask you for and they just keep it to themselves. The reason being that since they don’t know how you will react to it and it’s not affecting anything in bed they just simply keep it out of the way.

However if you were to ask them then you will be in for a surprise because there’s a lot of info you will be getting. Just in case you don’t know this but in every man there’s a king and a child within. The king part of him wants to feel respected and honored while the child part wants to be pampered and snuggled. You might have heard the phrase “men are like babies” and it some instances that’s not entirely wrong.

Things guys like in bed but wont ask for? Theres a high chance that you will never get to hear your man talk about this and you on the other hand wont be able to know if you present him with the question. Now if you dont want to do that and simple catch him off guard next time you are both in bed then you would want to pay attention to this because you will be getting to know about the things guys like in bed and how well it resonates with them.

As a lady you might be curious about what your man want in bed and how you can help him with that. Now it’s not their fault when they don’t bring this up with you in the bedroom because you might be thinking why he don’t just come out and say what he wants. Generally it comes off in today’s society that men are perceived to be strong and although that is true there are certain instances that they might come off as weak also and that’s where you need to step in to help them out. Various studies have been conducted and they are various things that were brought to light what men like in bed but won’t ask for.

Society expects men to be tough thats why a lot of men find it difficult when it comes to simply bringing up what they want in bed with their significant other. As it was mentioned earlier that the chances of him never bringing this up in a conversation is high and regardless of him having a discussion with you about it, you will simply find out about yourself and how to make things in the bedroom very much exciting.


Foreplay is very much needed before you get right into sex and the reason being that it helps to build up the sexual tension between you and your man. If you want to have a real good time with your man then you would want to make foreplay a priority because with this you will become really intimate with your man and it involves tasting, smelling, touching and listening to his reaction to indicate you are doing good.

During foreplay you need to be aware of the areas you can touch a man that will give him that sexual pleasure and it can either be his neck, crotch, lips or simply running your hands through his hair. Although some persons don’t really think much of foreplay and see it as a delay so they just dive right into sex but that’s not true.

Foreplay builds up the chances of climax between you and your man. Regardless of what you might hear about it why don’t you try during it during sex and see just how well your man reacts to it. You might even be taking aback by how much he will be into it and then he will also get involved in the foreplay with you even more.


Now this is something you have to learn and start making use of it because if you haven’t learnt it then you are seriously missing out with your man on so much that you can both do. This is one thing that men love and you can use this to your advantage by increasing the tension within him before he finally gets to climax.

You have to make sure you know what you are doing so you have to start off by getting your hands wet so you don’t hurt him. Take note of how he reacts to it and how well you can keep on going with it until he just can’t take anymore of the sensual satisfaction. There’s so much you can do, from stroking him or going full length with your finger circled around and just go up and down with it. You can also play with the sacs gently don’t make them feel left out of the fun.

Since this is something that he craves for and if you are not that good at it, he’s going to guide you but you have to make sure you are confident and take control of everything when you get it. This can also go both ways and that’s to say when you start touching him, he can as well start touching you too.


There have been cases of men complaining about their significant other faking getting to the height of that sexual feeling. And it turns out to be even bad that most females go as far as to fake the sounds they make in bed during sex. Honestly, it’s advisable that as a lady you need to stop doing that.

The thing is while having sex a man wants to know when he’s actually satisfying you and when you start faking your sounds he’s going to know because your body movement will surely give you away. It’s advisable you tell him what to do so you will be able to give out satisfying sounds. You might think you are helping him out by faking the sounds but in reality the reverse is the case.

You alone know what will get you to that sexual satisfaction so all you have to do is tell him during sex so he will be able to do it correctly. Show him what he needs to do and help him explore so at the end of it all the both of you end up being satisfied. It’s going to take time but eventually he will be able to know just how well to satisfy you with the instructions you have given.


Although it has been advised how you shouldn’t fake your satisfaction but you should try to be expressive during sex as a lady. A man wants to know when he’s doing something right that way he will feel like he’s winning when it comes to satisfying his woman. It’s no longer a secret that every man wants to be told just how well they are good in bed and when he hasn’t gotten to that point with you, he wants to know what he will be able to do to get you satisfied.

When it comes to communicating during sex, he wants to hear you call his name, breathe on his neck and you telling him just how good he’s making you feel. When next you will be having sex, try to be expressive and try as much as possible to be genuine with it. It’s not going to do any much good if you are simply saying things that you are not feeling. Let him know you feel all what he’s doing and how you love it. Give out that pleasurable moan and give him the boost he needs during sex.


It’s understandable you think that men should do all the work during sex and that’s fine because you have been made to believe. However, that shouldn’t be the case anymore. When you are not taking the lead you should as well participate in it.

Give him the attention of your waist; try twerking on him on him during sex. Let him feel that you are participating with him and he’s going to feel more of your presence. How you participate with him during sex will serve as a boost for him as well because he wants to feel all of you on him. This is something majority of men want but they just won’t go as far to ask for it. Sex shouldn’t be one sided but rather both parties should get involved in it. Let him know what will work best for the both of you.


In today’s reality it’s clear just how much a man loves a confident woman. Don’t see it as pride but rather it should be on believing in yourself and the lengths of your abilities. Any man wants to be assured that their woman is confident around them and that’s why this can come in play during sex. It’s going to help you on how well you can relate with you man in bed.

When you are not getting it right during sex, you will feel more confident to ask him questions on how you can get better in satisfying your man and making him. You would want to avoid second guessing yourself and be open to him on what you need to do. Men usually find this very helpful in bed that they are able to relate with their woman during sex.


Men are quite simple and that’s to say they are moved by what they see. And you can tap right into this when you decide to try out new things in bed, just focus on finding out ways you can fascinate your man in bed. Avoid being repetitive all the time and aim to be unpredictable. Break out of your usual sex routine and incorporate new things to spice things up. Try getting creative and seek out other ways to seduce your man in bed.

You should be able to bring before him a welcoming change in bed. When you get innovative and provide healthy sexual satisfactions to your man, he’s going to accept it and be open to the change and see just how well it will help the both of you during sex. Switch up the sexual positions and introduce some other positions to him.


When it comes to having sex men often wants to be in charge in the bedroom however they get more interested and find it better when the woman takes the lead from time to time. You might be wondering how taking the lead makes it better. Just in case you don’t know men will be more interested when they know you are the one initiating it and not them. It shouldn’t just be the man constantly taking the lead, let him know that you are in mood and simply reach out to him. You can do any of these, touch his crotch gently, give him few kisses and send him those signals that you need and want him.

You can as well go ahead and wear something cute that brings out those curves of yours and see just how well that will get his attention. Ladies you should try to be in charge while in bed and start asking him how he likes it and go as far by making him wanting you more. You don’t have to wait for him to be the one to always initiate love making.

Let it be unexpected and see just how you will turn him on when you start getting flirty with him and start reaching for him. As a man he always thinks that he should be the one to initiate it all but you can switch things up and let him know you can as well long for him too. There’s no need for you to be doubtful about it because a man would always be open to the idea of you initiating sex.


You might think you will be frustrating when you decide to tease him but actually you are not, he is actually enjoying being teased but the problem is that your man is not going to tell you that he enjoys being teased but rather want you to figure it out yourself or he might say it during a conversation and it’s left for you to try it out. See it this way, when you tease him it’s going to be fun for you and him as well. Just simply brushing your hand against him and giving him a hard on or you lean close to him and give him a sneak peak at your cleavage.

Always look for opportunities that you will be able to tease him before sex that way it’s going to build the excitement between the both of you before you head over to the bed and get the deed done and also while in bed you can also throw in some few tease there and make him want you more.


When it comes to men, there’s this thing about their significant getting loud that just really gets to them. If you feel the need to let out your moans and screams of pleasure go ahead and do that, don’t hold back those sexual cries. Men want to know when they are hitting it and they want you to get as loud as you can during sex. For them it’s erotic and turns them on more. It can be very exciting and helpful to you, don’t hold back those moans and let him hear just how loud you can get with them.


As a lady you might be fully aware of this but your man actually wants to be dominated by you during sex. This might be shocking to most women because they think that men usually wants to claim dominance during sex but actually when it becomes vice versa men are often welcoming to the idea because it’s something that they like.

For starters you can begin by telling your man during sex that he can’t touch, move or even talk unless he’s being told to and if by chance he disobeys you and doesn’t follow the instructions given he will be disciplined. Give him few orders around on how he should touch you, instruct him on what to say and be a guide for his move. You should always remind him of your dominance while having sex that you are the one in control not him.

You can include a little bit of dominance during sex and see just how well he will react to it. Men usually claim dominance during sex but when they are being dominated it makes them want to satisfy you even you and acknowledge your dominance on them.


Men usually want to talk about fantasies but they are hesitant any fantasies because it makes them feel vulnerable and there are cases whereby they feel that the risk of sharing a fantasy and then having it looked down on would just end up as being humiliating. As a lady if you are starting the communication of fantasies with him, he’s going to feel safer talking about it with you and share his fantasy as well. This will go as far as improving and helping the both of you build a healthy relationship.

Now with every sexual fantasy it is advisable to talk about it before being implemented during sex. You can tell him about one of your fantasies and he’s going to respond as well by giving you info about his sexual fantasies as well. By doing this you have made it really comfortable with him to be free when it comes to talking about fantasies. It might even come as a surprise when it turns out that the both of you might share similar fantasy which then makes it easier to be done in bed.


I know you are probably wondering isn’t this suppose to be “things guys like in bed” that is true and one thing they also like is being able to take the sex away from the bed to somewhere else. The thing is men like variety and so you should keep it exciting by exploring other places to have sex. It can either be on the kitchen table, the laundry room, outside or even car sex.

The reason being this is that if you are able to take other options of where to have sex into consideration it brings about more fun and then bring up more opportunities of role play. Understand that sex shouldn’t be focused mainly on basic penetrations but rather look for other ways you can make it thrilling for you and your man.


Yes, you read it correctly “eye contact”. Eye contact helps with emotional connection sometimes. A man will always want to see how their significant other is feeling and responding to what they are doing during sex so it’s advisable that you don’t look away during sex but rather let him see you make those lusty faces. If you are able to lose yourself when having sex with your man and let him see just how much you are enjoying what he’s doing to you, it makes the sex a whole lot better for him and you as well.

Men always want to see that they are doing a good job when it comes to satisfying their woman sexually and they want to lock eyes just to see how good it feels for her and then it becomes a driving force for them to go even more with. Basic sex doesn’t seem like what people want to engage in these days, everyone wants to bring a difference when it comes to sex and when you are able to realize that with your man it’s going to be helpful in both of your healthy sex life.


Here’s something you should be aware of, men usually find it hard when it comes to expressing their emotions, letting you know how they feel. Which is why you need to make your man feel comfortable when he talks about those little emotional things. It then becomes your responsibility to make him feel relaxed when he talks about things he wants he bed that you often overlook just because he never made mention of them. And some of those things includes him being cuddled and held after sex.

Honestly there are a lot of things that gets overlooked and that’s because it’s not usually talked on. Let’s put some things into consideration, females are mostly seen to fit and play the role of the little spoon but sometimes a man wants the role to be reversed so he can be the little spoon. A man appreciates it when the role gets switched up and the reason being that when men become the little spoon after sex it brings comfort to his feelings and security. Now that you have been able to know this now you realize why it’s called “things guys want but won’t ask you for.” This is something they can open up to and have a conversation concerning it with you. It becomes much more better and relaxing when you are the one that initiates it.


It’s good that you want to put how your man feel during sex into consideration so you will be able to identify what he likes and how well you can make it easy for you. However, you can only do what makes you feel comfortable. You shouldn’t partake in anything that puts you in an awkward situation and if it’s something you want to try out and you haven’t fully be accustomed with it then you can take things slow until you have grasped it.

The main reason being why a man won’t ask for most of these things in bed is because they don’t know your stand on it and how well you will react to it when they bring it before you so they try to take it out of the way during sex but if you want to get open with your man, you can strike up the conversation with him and if you feel comfortable exploring any of these with him then it’s going to be a welcoming change for him. He doesn’t expect you to get on with it all of a sudden; the both of you can build your way towards it and get to know how well it can make sex for the both of you enjoyable.

Be focused on building a healthy relationship with your man so that the both of you will be able to talk on anything without him feeling judged or humiliated when he makes mention of it. There should be understanding between the both of you when it comes to what he likes in bed before attempting to give it a try.

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