10 Signs A Friend Likes You Romantically

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If there’s one thing people struggle with is not being able to know what’s going on in another person’s head; what they are thinking, how they are feeling and what are they are views about you. Well you can know the answer to some of these questions when you ask but you can’t say the same for some other things and that is “if someone likes you in a romantic way”.

Are you interested in the signs that tell if a friend likes you romantically? Then you have to put all of the signs you will be getting to know about into consideration, although you won’t see all of the signs but there will be some signs that will definitely stand out, now those are the signs you need to take notice of.

Before you feel this isn’t what you are looking for then you should know that instead of focusing on just a keyword “friend”. This will be split into two sections which will then be on knowing if your guy friend or a girl who you are friends with likes you romantically. The reason for this is because the signs vary for both genders, the signs you will get from a male friend is different from a female.

Just in case you don’t know this, you should be aware that a lot of wonderful relationships start as friendships. And when you are able to see those signs that a friend likes you romantically then it will be so much easier to turn that friendship into something more without any problems. You can go for a relationship if you feel that kind of way as well but if you don’t feel that way then it’s probably best you don’t address those feelings with that friend even if the signs are there. Without any further delay, let’s get started.


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It is possible for a female friend to like you more than just friends and not even tell you about it so it’s now up to you to put the extra work in confirming your observations and then that leads you to finding the signs that can give you the answer you are looking for.

She is probably finding more ways to communicate with you or spend more time with you, now these can be little signs that she wants you all to herself. As it was mentioned earlier, depending on your feelings for her, you can consider taking the next step, well you feel the same way and that’s probably why you are here. Go through the signs and find out if your female friend likes you romantically.


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Now this is something you want to pay attention to, let’s say you are in the same class she always wants to be around you during school activities or in a work setting, she’s always at your desk and spends a great deal amount of time just sitting next to you. If you both have same set of friends then during outings, she always tries to stay close to you. You might not know this but she being close to you makes her happy and she might even get too close to you without even noticing it.

The thing is now that she is falling for you, she always wants to see herself next to you and find ways to make that happen. At this point you already give her some sort of warmth that you have no idea of. When a female starts falling in love with you, she constantly wants to partake in activities that you will be in just so she can be next to you.


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Pay attention to this, everyone love and cherish their personal time and if a female is being available for your without you even asking her then she’s starting to fall in love with you. You might be thinking what the big deal is but it is a big deal because no one will be that available for you when they have other things they can be doing.

Someone who likes you will be very willing to assist you without you even asking. If she wants to go see a movie and then ask you if you would like to go see the movie with her instead of asking her female friends then that’s a clear indication right there as well. She always feels good whenever she can be of help to you.


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When a girl likes you romantically, she starts picking up the things you do even the little things. There might be instances of her using the same phrases as you as well as just watch you do whatever makes you happy without even complaining. You might be playing a game and she will just be there admiring you and it might come as a shock to you when she suddenly starts a conversation relating to things you like to do.

The reasons for this is because she wants to be more engaged with you and wants you to know she pays attention to the things you do and you can’t lie that makes you feel good and that exactly is what she wants.


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Naturally a girl always wants to look good but when she likes you, she takes it to the maximum. You might probably start noticing the few changes when you are both together, she always wants to look her best around you as well as be on her best behavior all in the attempt that you will notice all what she’s doing and then you might end up liking her too.

Now you want to pay more attention to how she’s looking, if she’s putting on a new outfit then chances are she’s putting them on for you then do the needful and give her a compliment that way you let her know you are paying attention. When a female friend starts trying to look and act her best around you, then that’s another way to know she’s starting to fall for you.


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Although this might come off as common knowledge but it can be easily overlooked so you want to look out for these moments. There will be moments when you will notice that she keeps staring at you or just giving you quick glances. When a girl likes you more than just a friend, it’s going to show in her eyes.

You will notice that the way she looks at you is different from other girls; her stares are more deep and have a strong meaning to them. And you might catch her making quick glances to you, now if this is a sign you have been able to take notice of then there is a high chance that your friend likes you romantically.


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Out of all the signs that have been listed out this one will be one that is going to stand out the most. Now when a female likes you, she tends to get jealous when you are around other females, especially if she thinks you might be interested in them. One thing you should know is, she’s going to try to get rid of that feeling of jealousy but the way she acts will give her away.

For instance she may not talk to you or simply ignore you when she’s feeling like that. You will notice her always finding faults with the other females you are friends with, now this is not because she don’t like them she’s just trying to have you all to herself and that’s her way of saying “I don’t want you being around other girls” and yeah it’s kind of cute. Look out for this particular then you will be certain she likes you more than just being friends.


We have been able to cover the first section of knowing the signs if your friend likes you romantically and it was centered on females. Now let’s check out the signs to look out for when your guy friend likes you romantically.

For females, there are always going to be guys that will always fall in love with you especially when you look good but there is going to be that one guy that stands out among the others and you want to be sure if he’s feeling the same way you are feeling and you are always worried about it since you have no way of telling how he’s feeling for you. Then you want to pay attention to these signs because they are going to be of help to you.


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At first you always going to be unsure about how he feels then you want to pay close attention to how he acts around others and then compare that to how he acts around you. If you notice that he is more attentive to you, softer and less masculine with you, then you are on your to discovering how he feels about you.

There are going to be instances where he smiles more around you and comes off as being more responsive whenever you are with him. The reason for this is because a man who wants to be more than just friends with a woman will try not treat her as one of the guys and that is because he doesn’t see you like that.

Now another thing you want to pay close attention to as well is how he talks and acts around other women you know, now if he’s not maintaining a steady conversation with them or maintains eye contact with them then they are not the ones he’s interested in. For men how they act with other females will be as a major key for you to know where you stand and if you sense the difference then it is clear that he has his eyes focused on you alone and he wants to be more than just friends.


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When a guy likes you romantically, the he’s going to like things about you and he will always want to voice those things out. The reason he does this is because he wants you to feel good and also wants to make sure you are aware he notices these things about you. He will tell you that you look nice today, he loves the way you laugh or you have beautiful eyes. He might laugh at something you do or say, that’s his own way of complimenting your sense of humor.

Not all guys are comfortable when it comes to complimenting a lady because they don’t know what the outcome might be but for a guy that likes you, he’s going to make sure he gives you a compliment even if that is not something he normally do and if the outcome turns out to be good then he’s going to find it easy and start getting comfortable with it and trust me, he’s going to give it away how he feels about you by how much he compliments you.


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To know that a man likes, he’s always wants to be close to you and that means touching now don’t take it the wrong way because it’s not going to be in a gross, aggressive or inappropriate kind of way but rather it will be more of an innocent and playful way.

You will notice how he finds excuses to touch you, like picking lint off your sweater, touching your hair or touching your hand when he’s having a conversation with you. The thing is when a man likes you, he will find it difficult not to be physically drawn to you and this means he will find little ways to touch you.


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Now this sign is something you want to take your time with because its different from the others and that will be as a result of if he has a naturally flirting personality. You should compare how he is with other people to how he is with you and if you notice how he flirts with you is different then you are at the top of his interest.

You will notice how much he teases you, how playful he is with you and how the time he spends with you indicates his interest in you. If he’s more interested in you and doesn’t act that way with other women around you then chances are you are the he’s falling in love with. He pays attention to how you react when he’s trying to flirt with you and doesn’t try to force anything on you because he wouldn’t want to risk pushing you away.

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